We are a human resource consulting firm, and we can assist you in the search for the ideal candidate for your company.

We differ from other firms in that we offer a personalized, targeted, transparent service adapted to your firm’s specific needs.

We know that our clients have all the resources and tools needed to define what solutions would work best for them. We believe that as advisers for their recruitment needs our job is to clearly identify those resources, thereby offering solutions with a maximum and lasting compatibility.

ALSmith y Asociados will help you to grow, by finding the right talent which will best adapt to your organization’s culture.

We guarantee a confidential business relationship with both potential clients and with the companies seeking out our services.

We maintain a personalized approach with a very human touch, based on the sensitivity, intuition and experience of our associates and collaborators.

We ensure that all our search work begins with original research. We believe that each and every company is unique, and we therefore recognize the importance of research work molded to each company’s specific needs. We avoid searching databanks for suitable candidates.

A complete understanding of our clients’ requirements, within the framework of their strategies and organizational culture. Careful treatment of the candidate so that both parties benefit in the long term.

Analysis of all aspects of a candidate (personal values, competencies, beliefs, attitudes, behavior and knowledge) for maximum compatibility.

Equal opportunity for all candidates meeting position specifications, with no discrimination of any kind concerning factors not inherent to our client’s job description.

Absolute honesty with both clients and candidates concerning progress of the search, candidates under consideration, market trends, any difficulties encountered and/or information that may help a client or candidate come to a decision.

With over 15 years’ experience in the field and an exhaustive and personalized methodology,   you may be sure that you will be working with a team of professionals who will find the best talent for your requirements.

The years of experience, human quality and transparency of ALSmith y Asociados represent your best solution. We do not offer perfect candidates, but we do offer candidates who can grow and make your organization grow (maximum compatibility).

We at ALSmith y Asociados consider it very important that any job offer must represent a real development opportunity for the candidate and a benefit for the company.  Experience has proven to us that this results in a long and fruitful work relationship between the client company and the recruited executive.