Ana Luz Smith Ogarrio, a Business Administration graduate from the Universidad Iberoamericana, is Director General of ALSmith y Asociados, a firm of human resource consultants. With over 15 years of experience in this area, Ana Luz Smith is convinced that two crucial factors in the recruitment business are a powerful and questioning listening ability and a well developed sensitivity for “reading” people. She has worked in the Marketing area of two prestigious companies: Johnson & Johnson and Warner Lambert, where she learned about large corporation disciplines and the challenges inherent in the business world. Her training in market research, new product launches, marketing plans, advertising, promotion, and in general everything having to do with the “Marketing Mix” has allowed her to understand the importance of taking into account needs expressed by consumers, for the success of any product.
Born in Washington DC, Ana Luz Smith has lived in various cities in the United States, Europe and Mexico, endowing her with a globalizing vision which has helped her understand present day challenges in a world characterized by an enriching cultural diversity. This contextual vision has led her to develop a great sensitivity in listening to the needs of top management of diverse cultures, and the specific requirements of a company in a particular country, state or region. Ana Luz has taken several Certificate Courses in Ontological Coaching, Human Development and the study of Narrative Practices. In these learning experiences she has found encouraging possibilities for developing a fairer and more equitable business culture, and promoting a space for constructive and secure dialog.

Ana Luz Smith currently lives in Queretaro.